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Giannis Karagiannakis, Ph.D






I am adjunct lecturer in National & Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA), visiting professor in University of Malta and Post-doc researcher of the Psychological Sciences Research Institute of Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium. My Ph.D. work in the Faculty of Primary Education of NKUA focused in the detection of difficulties in Mathematics. I hold a M.Ed. in Didactics of Mathematics from the Mathematical Department of the NKUA, a Degree of Mathematics from the Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki as well as a scholarship on the Program of training professionals: "Differentiating Instruction and Team Teaching in Mathematics & Literacy" of Graduate School of Education of Harvard University. My research interest is in the field of Mathematical Learning Difficulties (MLD): exploring cognitive roots of MLD, and developing scientifically informed effective remedial interventions for students 8-18 years old. I have been publishing papers in international research journals with reviewers, I have been presenting my work in a number of events in Greece and abroad, and I have been an invited speaker in various international conferences. I have been participating as a partner in the following European research projects related to learning disabilities: EUSpLD (2014-2017), DYSSpeLD (2011-2013) and NSRF (2007-2013). I have multiannual experience in assessment, planning and application of individualized intervention programs for students with MLD as well as in delivering training and supervision programs for educators in Greece and abroad. I am scientific supervisor of Maths section of Eureka Leuven school in Belgium. Finally, I am CEO of the Hellenic Dyslexia Association and board director of the European Dyslexia Association (EDA).

Psychological Sciences Research Institute
Catholic University of Leuven
2015 - today  
Department of Special Education and Psychology
National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece
2010 - 2014  
Professional Certification Program
“Differentiating Instruction and Team Teaching in Mathematics”
Graduate School of Education
Harvard University, USA
Master in Mathematics Education
Department of Mathematics,
National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece
2003 - 2006  
4-year Bachelaur’s Degree in Mathematics
Department of Mathematics
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
1997 - 2002  

Articles in peer-reviewed journals (English-language publications) 

• Karagiannakis, G., Baccaglini-Frank, A. & Roussos, P. (under review). Detecting difficulties in learning mathematics through a model-driven experimental battery. Australian Journal of Learning Difficulties.
Karagiannakis, G., Baccaglini-Frank, A. & Papadatos, Y. (2014). Mathematical learning difficulties subtypes classification. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, 8:57. doi: 10.3389/fnhum.2014.00057.
Karagiannakis, G., & Baccaglini-Frank, A. (2014). The DeDiMa Battery: A Tool for Identifying Students’ Mathematical Learning Profiles. Health Psychology Review, 2(4), doi: 10.5114/hpr.2014.46329.

Books & Chapters in books

• Karagiannakis, G., & Coreman, A. (2014). Focused intervention based on a classification MLD model. In S. Chinn (Ed.), The Routledge International Handbook of Dyscalculia and Mathematical Learning Difficulties (pp. 265-276). London: Routledge.
• Karagiannakis, G. (2012). Une expérience prodiguee par mes etudes. In A.-M. Montarnal (Ed.), Adultes dyslexiques (pp. 104-108). Paris: Tom Pousse.

Books & Chapters in books(Greek Language)

• Καραγιαννάκης, Γ. Οι αριθμοί... πέρα απ΄τους κανόνες. (2012). Αθήνα: Διερευνητική Μάθηση.
• Γαγάτσης, Α., Αγγελίδη, Ε., Γραββάνη, Κ., Καραγιαννάκης, Γ., & Σπύρου, Π. (2004). Αναπαραστάσεις και ο μετασχηματισμός τους από τους μαθητές της Α΄ τάξης γυμνασίου. Στο A. Γαγάτσης, A. Ευαγγελίδου, I. Ελλιά & Π. Σπύρου (Εκδ.), Αναπαραστάσεις και Γεωμετρία: Επίλυση Προβλημάτων, Μοντέλα και Συναρτήσεις (σ. 355-366). Λευκωσία: Intercollege Press.

Articles in peer-reviewed national conference proceedings

• Καραγιαννάκης, Γ., & Παπαδάτος, Γ. (2013). Ένα νέο μοντέλο ανάλυσης και αξιολόγησης των Μαθησιακών Δυσκολιών στα Μαθηματικά. Στα πρακτικά του 3ου Πανελληνιου Συνεδρίου Ειδικής Εκπαίδευσης Με Διεθνή Συμμετοχή της Εταιρεία Ειδικής Παιδαγωγικής Ελλάδος.
• Καραγιαννάκης, Γ., & Παπαδάτος, Γ. (2011). Ανίχνευση και παρέμβαση Ειδικών Μαθησιακών Δυσκολιών στα Μαθηματικά μέσω της αλληλεπίδρασης των αρχιτεκτονικών μοντέλων επεξεργασίας των αριθμών και των νευροεπιστημών. Στα πρακτικά του 3ου Πανελλήνιου Συνεδρίου Επιστημών της Εκπαίδευσης του ΕΚΠΑ.

Selected presentations at international conferences

• Karagiannakis, G. (2015, November 6). Invited key-note presentation:  Dyscalculia Vs Mathematical Learning Difficulties Vs Low Maths Achievement: Are there distinct borderlines? University of Malta, Malta Dyslexia Association & Directorate for Quality and Standards in Education, Malta.

• Karagiannakis, G. (2015, June 19). Invited presentation:  The effect of students' difficulties in maths and reading on mathematical skills based on a fourfold model. Summer Seminars of European Dyslexia Association, San Marino, Italy.

• Karagiannakis, G. (2015, May 18). Invited presentation:  Analyzing mathematical learning via a Forthfold model. Eureka Symposium 2015, Leuven, Belgium

• Karagiannakis, G. (2014, November 20). Invited presentation:  Analyzing mathematical learning via a forthfold model. HANDImatica 2014, Bologna, Italy

• Karagiannakis, G. (2014, July 20). Mathematical Learning Difficulties: Dyscalculia or other factors? Summer Seminars of European Dyslexia Association, San Marino, Italy.

•Karagiannakis, G. (2014, May 9). Invited presentation:  Understanding end evaluating Mathematical Learning Difficulties: a multi-deficit model. International BVL conference, Erfurt, Germany.

• Karagiannakis, G. (2014, March 28). Mathematical Learning Difficulties Intervention strategies focusing on each student’s strengths. 9th International Conference, British Dyslexia Association, Guildford, UK.

• Karagiannakis, G. (2013, October 2). Invited presentation: Dyscalculia & Mathematical Learning Difficulties. European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium

• Karagiannakis, G. (2013, September 28). Invited presentation: Learning Difficulties in Mathematics. Un futuro per la dislessia, Rome, Italy.

• Karagiannakis, G. (2013, September 20). Focused MLD intervention based on the classification of MLD subtypes. All-European conference of European Dyslexia Association, Vaxjio, Sweden.

• Karagiannakis, G. (2013, June 20). Understanding and evaluating Mathematical Learning Difficulties: a multi-deficit  model. Community Summer School of European Dyslexia Association, San Marino, Italy.

• Karagiannakis, G. (2012, June 28). Invited presentation: Intervention Strategies for Mathematical Learning Difficulties for a proper passing from Primary to Secondary Education. 4th International Conference Dyscalculia & MLD, London, UK.

• Karagiannakis, G. (2012, June 8). ICT & MLD. Community Summer School of European Dyslexia Association, San Marino, Italy.

• Karagiannakis, G. (2011, July 5). Invited presentation: Special Learning Disabilities in Mathematics. Community Summer School of European Dyslexia Association, San Marino, Italy.